Fine Art by Ian Winton


Ian emigrated to Canada in 1968 from England and was immediately taken by the difference between the gentle quality of light in England, and the brilliant luminosity of his adopted country.

    He paints the strong Canadian light confidently in bright bold colours. He uses Fauvist principles  to generate those moments in time that flit through our lives, in unexpected places sometimes languorous and sometimes just for that fleeting instant

    He creates studies, while traveling through Canada and then large studio canvasses, showing the the rich settings that surround us, breathing in a new light

Ian Winton was educated in England at Croydon College of Art and  Birmingham College of art where he studied Industrial Design.

     He has worked as a Designer/ Prototype maker, turning 2-dimensional drawings into 3-dimensional objects, to facilitate the understanding of new pre production products

    Ian’ s  works include the famous “Pink Flamingo” and the Laura Secord Cameo.

    He now teaches Art , and works in the ArtsSmarts  program teaching art and science simultaneously.

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Ian Winton Fine Art, 469 Maple Ave. Ajax, ON. L1S 1E4

email: phone: 905-683-0547